72+U – A Movement in the Memphis and Tennessee Conferences of The United Methodist Church

Welcome to 72+U, an area-wide movement to fully immerse each congregation into the mission of the Nashville Episcopal Area to discover, equip, connect, and send lay and clergy leaders who shape congregations that offer Jesus Christ to a hurting world, one neighborhood at a time. Are you ready to change the world?

On this website, you’ll discover practical, proven tools you can use to discover, equip, connect, and send the generations for Christ. You’ll read inspirational stories of God at work through local churches engaging in the mission field, and find practical ideas to try. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to share what strategies are working in your church as you equip others to change the world. Let this be place where you connect to sources of information, inspiration, and transformation.

Together we can do more than we can alone. God is calling us.

Will you be one of the 72?

The 72+U Training Resource can be used in a variety of ways.

Present 72+U as a

• one-day workshop
• 4-week teaching/Wednesday night series,
• study during Sunday School or small group time, or
• sermon series, using the large and small group sessions for Sunday School or small group time.

Get started here.

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