The key to the success of any training, class or special event is promotion. When you gain attention for your event, you’ll improve volunteer participation, increase attendance and gain momentum for the 72+U movement!

Begin with research.

Do some research before you start promoting 72+U. Check your church and community calendar to ensure your training or classes don’t conflict with previously scheduled events or activities.

  • Which groups of people would be likely to attend?
  • Are there similar events that have been successful? Why?
  • What will be the most appealing parts of your event for different audiences?

Spread the word.

Send personal invitations.

Reach the people you really want to attend by sending them a personal invitation.

Decide on the format.

Email is the most cost-effective way to invite a large group. But letters have a very personal touch, and are a good approach for contacting a smaller set of people when you’ve got other strategies for mass promotion.

Contact your contacts.

If you’ve got an existing email contact list begin with it. Your existing contacts can also suggest additional people to invite. Make sure that those who have been generous with past support are contacted.

Approach some special guests.

There may be some key supporters to invite, including your District Superintendent or members of the Nashville Area team. Check with their support staff about availability or the best way to send an invitation.

Customize and print your materials.

The 72+U training resource contains 2 advertising campaigns for promotion: “Will You Be One of the 72?”

72+U Will You 728x90

and “God is Calling. Are You Listening?”

72+U_God is calling

Each campaign contains web banners, customizable flyers, and images (jpgs) you can import to any document.

To download the “Will You Be One of the 72?” and “God is Calling. Are You Listening?” promotional resources from Dropbox, click here

Choose one campaign to implement and use any of the following:

Posters and flyers

Before spreading posters and flyers at your church, make sure all the essential information is on them. Include:

  • Event title and description
  • Contact details
  • When (time and date)
  • Where it will be held: (Give Google Map references)

Web banners

Each campaign offers web banners in various sizes for you to place on your church’s website or facebook page.


Go the extra mile and make a 72+U banner and hang it at the entrance of your church.  Note the time and dates of the events on the banner.

Use technology.

Don’t limit yourself to email. There are plenty of other ways to promote your 72+U event online.

Spread the word with social networking.

Facebook. Facebook is geared toward communicating with your church’s network of friends. 72+U postings to your Facebook wall might include a question from one of the training sessions, the promotional video for 72+U, or a testimony from an attendee at one of the earlier 72+U sessions.

Twitter. WithTwitter, you can tweet quick messages to your followers to remind them about your training sessions.  “Will you be on of the 72? Join us  (date and time) to find out.” might be one of the messages to promote your training while also offering key information to the recipient.

Use your church’s website.

Use your website to promote the training, give updates on the progress of the sessions, and share handouts.

Promote 72+U in person.

Speak in public.

Give a quick invitation during worship or a regularly scheduled meeting.

Show the “Are You Ready? promotional video.

To access the video, click click here.

Make a class announcement.

Ask your Sunday school teachers and small group leaders if you can make a short announcement at the beginning or end of a class.

Walk and talk.

Get a group together and invite people to the training during your fellowship times,  before and after worship; and during Wednesday night suppers. Take some flyers or other promo materials with you. Also, keep a piece of paper handy for email or other contact details for people who might want to register on the spot, help promote the event, or facilitate a part of it.

How to Use 72+U