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Preach with Passion about 72+U

Use these sermons by pastors from the Tennessee and Memphis Conference to draw your congregation together around the mission to Discover, Equip, Connect and Send. Some series suggest a theme, some give an outline, and a few have full-text sermons. Browse all the sermons in to determine how they might fit into your schedule and context.

Movement: Discover, Equip, Connect and Send

The Flow of Christ-like, Authentic Life

By Rev. Paul Purdue, Pastor Tullahoma First UMC


Jesus led a movement. Jesus moved from town to town from soul to soul teaching, healing and launching people into new lives. Jesus’ call “Follow me” requires movement.  The early Methodist sought to be movement, reviving souls through scriptural wholeness and methodical discipleship. Wesley feared that the Methodist spiritual movement might eventually stall out becoming another institutional church maintaining a godly facade but lacking the internal spiritual power that fuels real life change. Authentic Christianity never sits in stagnant pools long, but moves the soul upstream towards Christ, towards love, towards holiness, towards service and towards others.

Are we an institution or a movement? Are our souls stuck in a spiritual hibernation or are we being born anew into spiritual life? Will we open ourselves to Christ’s spiritual movement?  Will we allow the Spirit to plow our neglected spiritual ground and seed new vision, renewed vitality, rekindled mission and revived ministry in us? Join us as we explore the key components of any personal or institutional movement. Come move with us.

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